He Did the Dishes
October 12, 2011
He Did the Dishes

Hi Dr. Laura,

In one of your books (I think it was The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands, or Marriage), there was a wife who wrote about how she told her husband he looked sexy washing the dishes, so he decided to do it more often!

I am a SAHM and I totally do not expect my hard-working husband to do the dishes, as that is one of my many tasks I perform at home. But, I was surprised the other night (the day after we made AWESOME LOVE), when he did the dishes I had soaking in the sink while I was busy with bedtime routines for our two children.

It was unexpected, but greatly appreciated of course! Did this happen because of "properly caring" for my husband? If so, I really have to keep up the proper caring!

Thanks again,


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