Parenting Styles
September 6, 2013
Parenting Styles

My kids are all different, so my parenting style was different with each of them.

My oldest is handicapped with a degenerative disease. She was expected to get along with others, do small chores and follow requests from parents. Losing a privilege or having a time out usually worked. We have to have a daily routine and prepare her in advance for change.

My middle child was considered ADD, but was diagnosed bi-polar at 19. The most difficult thing was to get a project completed. I had to be very strict and not give up on getting homework and chores done. She still requires me to hold her to a strict routine at the age of 30.

My youngest is gifted and required me to support the goals he set. Sometimes I had to be strict about him completing something that would help his future, but he would rather sleep in and put off until he had to do it. I would give a behind swat if needed, but it was rare.

I also had to live the example of the expectations I required of them. We would listen to Dr. Laura. My son would say I did not need to listen because I was more Dr. Laura than you were.  I asked him if that was a bad thing. He thought is was a good thing and still does.


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