You Got Your Friend a Job
October 1, 2013
You Got Your Friend a Job

Hi, Dr. Laura Schlessinger here, answering your questions on our YouTube channel. 

From Niecy:

"I've had a friend for 7 years [nice], and six months ago, I helped her get hired at my workplace. [(Covers face with paper and laughs) I don't even have to read the rest of this.]  Since then, our friendship seems to be over.  She never takes responsibility at work, keeps making more and more mistakes, and brushes me off when I approach her about her work.
I emailed her a few months ago stating that I want to fix our relationship and that if we needed to go to lunch once a week to fix it, I'd do that. Her response back to me was, "Yes, let's do that."  But since then, it's dissolved into pettiness over who should make the first move

All I want to do now is to tell her to just quit her job.
Am I over-reacting?  Or should I tell her that we can't be friends anymore?"

You know what?  Don't tell her anything.  Just low-ball, low-key, low everything.  Just be polite, don't see her outside of work.  You thought she was a friend.  Sometimes when the situation changes, you get to see the real person.

I remember once I worked with an engineer on my radio show who used to work in the theater.   He was behind the scenes in the theater with some of the most incredible personalities in the history of show business.  And I said, "What did you notice about how people changed or didn't change when they got more famous?"  And he said (this was like 30 years he'd been doing this, so this was a lot of experience), "What I've noticed is that people don't change, they just get revealed." 

Your friend has been revealed.  Emotionally, take a hike.  Okay?

I'm Dr. Laura Schlessinger.  Until next time, here on our YouTube channel.



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