I Fell Apart, Then Found My Strength
April 18, 2016
I Fell Apart, Then Found My Strength

I was married for 32 years. My children later discovered from my children that my husband had been living a secret life for ten years. He had been having an affair, among doing other horrible things. I quickly filed for divorce and soon got him out of the house. My life was shattered. We were expecting our first grandchild and instead of having golden years, I was facing starting a life all over. I lost my home and had to move thus finding a new job.

We do not speak and my children have nothing to do with him. It was the worst kind of betrayal. I was crushed. I fell apart and then got stronger. I realized he took my past but he was not going to take my future. I went out and met some wonderful friends. One of them became my husband. He treats me as a princess. We have been married three years now. Every day he gives me a kiss and tells me how he loved me. He is a father figure for my children and doting grandfather to my grandchildren. 

You mentioned something about a man leaving a woman was her closure. I realized I had mine when he did what he did years ago. This helped me to leave the hurt behind. If you are honest with what you want in life and talk things true dreams can come true. Thank you for helping me realize the past is the past and I have had my closure. My now husband is a keeper and I will do my best to follow your book,"The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands." Thank you so much.

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