Lucky to Have a Wife Like You
November 9, 2011
Lucky to Have a Wife Like You

Dear Dr. Laura,

My husband is in the military and is only allowed to write me letters and call maybe once every two weeks. Even though I am so proud of him and his service I started feeling a little disconnected, lonely, and resentful, but then I read your book "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands".

I got to go see my husband for a weekend and I became his girlfriend with way more benefits. I just received a letter from him (the first one I've gotten since our weekend together) and it said "I had such a good time this past weekend. I love you. I still can't believe how I got so lucky in this world to have a wife like you. You are the sexiest woman in the whole world. THE WAY YOU LOVE, MAKES ME WORK HARDER TO BE A BETTER MAN TO YOU." Sounds like something right out of your book! So instead of resenting him for his job and being away, I started treating him like the REAL MAN he is...he is my provider and, not only my protector, but part of this Country's.

Thank you for all you do.


Posted by Staff at 3:54 PM