My Favorite Kid Story
November 7, 2013
My Favorite Kid Story

My husband and I have raised 3 wonderful sons who now range in age from 20 to 29. This is my very favorite "kid story" and I thought you would enjoy it. It happened on Easter morning when our oldest boy was 9.The kids were digging through their treats and he looked at me and asked if I put things out or if there really was an Easter Bunny. I put my index finger up to my lips to single 'shhh' and said we would talk later.

When I told him that indeed I had put the treats out and there was no bunny I told him he needed to keep it a secret and let his brothers enjoy the magic. He looked up at me with his huge blue eyes and said, "Okay. I won't tell, but does Dad know?"

I am still my kids' mom and even though they are bigger than me, always will be...


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