Couldn't Have Done It Without You
October 31, 2016
Couldn't Have Done It Without You

Dear Dr. Laura:

A co-worker who had recently volunteered at an event with my kids asked "how did you end up with not one, but two great kids?"  Well, my husband and I set clear expectations and held them accountable for their actions.  We rewarded them for good behavior with praise.  We instilled in them the concept of being good citizens by volunteering their time to the community (and we participated as a family too).  We made sure they saw Mom and Dad as a team and that our marriage was a priority.  We actively participated in our church, and we had open conversations with them about sex, alcohol and drugs.

But you, Dr. Laura, were the icing on the cake, as you helped us pull this off.  We routinely had your show on when driving with the kids, which afforded us opportunities to discuss your callers' situations and your responses.  We talked about their friends who were NOT making good decisions, and often our kids would say "Dr. Laura would have said...." 

My kids are good young adults with bright futures, and they are independent, responsible, caring people.  Thank you, Dr. Laura - my husband and I couldn't have raised them well without you!


Posted by Staff at 10:59 AM