Making The Choice To Put My Family First
October 30, 2018
Making The Choice To Put My Family First

I've only been a listener for a few months, but what a change it has made!  When I first started listening, I thought you were terribly out of touch and rude to your callers.  That is until I realized what you were saying was one hundred percent accurate!!  You just had the guts to say what no one else did and what the callers needed to hear.  

Flash forward to now, and I'm trying every day to be my husband's girlfriend.  We took our four-year-old son out of a prestigious pre-school daycare, which was a hard decision, and many of our friends thought we were making a mistake.  Even my wonderful husband at first questioned if it were the right move.  It wasn't until I explained to him that our son asked me every day if I could just stay home and love him that my husband agreed it was the best decision.

I'm so thankful I found your program because you've encouraged me to take these steps.  I regret that I waited this long to put my family before my career, but now I preach your message to all my newly married friends and the ones who are expecting, encouraging them to make their family, and not their careers, their top priority.  Please keep up the good work.


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Posted by Staff at 10:59 AM