Family Taking Care of Each Other
September 24, 2012
Family Taking Care of Each Other

Dr. Laura,

I am a long time listener and love your show. I listen to you almost every day. I hear a lot of people that don't get along with family members.

Two years ago, my then 79-year-old dad called and asked if I was "sitting down." I knew this was going to be the worst call of my life. My then 75-year-old mom had a major heart attack with emergency quadruple bypass surgery. She was in the hospital for 5 days.  When she came home, my brother, two sisters and I were there to help get Mom settled. My sisters organized all of her medication, scheduling when and what to take. I bathed Mom until she was able to do it herself.  My sister-in-law cleaned the house when needed. Other family members helped where they could. We did not complain or bicker because someone was not doing as much as another.  We all helped at what we were good at, and my parents appreciated it all.

Mom is doing really well now. My parents do not want to be a burden to us, but they accept our help when needed/offered. We all live within an hour of my parents and get together for the major holidays and other occasions throughout the year. We always have fun and laugh a lot when together.  "We are a family" even though we each have our own families.

My parents just celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary.


Abbie - proud mom of 2 daughters and wife for 28 years.

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