7 Ways to Make a Marriage Work
October 12, 2012
7 Ways to Make a Marriage Work
  1. Like and get along with your in-laws. After all they raised your spouse.
  2. Make certain your spouse doesn't have mental illness, has a substance abuse problem, or a need to stay connected to past girlfriends/boyfriends.
  3. If both your sets of parents are still married, then there is a good chance you two will stick together through the rough times.
  4. Do not have a child/adult relationship, it never works.
  5. Spend wisely. Having too much debt is very stressful to a marriage.
  6. Don't have a Facebook page or any social media type page. Why do you want your spouse to be suspicious?
  7. Well the list goes on and on, but I will say one more thing, perhaps the most important, Have fun together. Have marital relations as much as possible. It is difficult to stay mad at your spouse after an orgasm.

Susan (happy wife for 15 years and counting)

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