Emotionally Wealthy!
March 12, 2013
Emotionally Wealthy!
Dr. Laura
Fifteen years ago, I had a son. The year he was born, I made $189,000.00. I was a great print saleswoman. Once I held him in my arms, I knew I had to find a way to be with him all day, everyday. Coming home and seeing my nanny holding him so close, broke my heart. 
It didn't help - or maybe it did - that I listened to you in my car everyday on my way to sales meetings telling every woman who called they should be home with their children.  It seemed like every call that year was about this topic....or that is what I heard. 
I knew I had to come up with a way to raise my son and be there for every milestone, sniffle and smile. My husband and I opened a sign printing business in our house and worked at night, keeping our day jobs. Finally, at 18 months, I was able to be home full time with my son and enjoy being pregnant with my daughter. 
We moved the business into a storefront and the rest is history. We made financial sacrifices and are no longer rich with money, but I am rich with the memories of being with my kids at every sports event, school program, pick-up from school and reads in the library.  I was there the whole time. 
At this point, my son would rather I leave him alone, but I know he is a great boy/man because I was there when he needed me and provided a safe, secure and consistent family for him and my daughter. 
Tonight I was featured on our local news. I wanted you to see it, because if it wasn't for your "constant nagging" I might be financially wealthy, but emotionally poor. 
Thanks Dr Laura. I hope you enjoy our TV segment called Home Grown: Couple Teams Up in Business to Keep Family First

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