Graduating a Child from Homeschooling
August 5, 2013
Graduating a Child from Homeschooling


I am 43 and my kids are 20, 19, 17 and 14. I have homeschooled them for 10 years and been married to the same man for 21 years.

I thought you might enjoy this blog post from last year. It is about my experience of graduating my first child from homeschool and his flight out of "the nest".
Crossing the Finish Line!

I did not cry when my first bird flew out of the nest.

On Tuesday morning, my first born boarded a plane to fly out of the nest. I anticipated many tears, but instead felt peace and happiness.

As the day progressed, I had moments of sadness that he would not be at the dinner table with us, or goofing around with his sisters, but when sadness filled my heart, I purposed to be thankful. I realized that my journey had come to an end and I had crossed the finish line.

As a homeschooler, I chose to give up "alone" time that most other moms look forward to each day from 9-3. Most of the time I am thankful and love having my kids home, but there are plenty of days when I wish for alone time!...

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To this day, he has volunteered hundreds of hours with a local police department, has worked really hard to help pay for his college, and is a sophomore at a very rigorous college in Virginia. He has aspired to be a judge since he was 5 years old and is working hard towards that goal. He is on the presidents list at school with a 3.88 GPA. He is not getting student loans and we, as a family are all working hard to help pay for his college. His sisters love him so much, they are working, cleaning houses WITH HIM in his own cleaning business so help pay for his college. They adore one another and I attribute their relationships, as siblings to the bonds of being home schooled together.

This summer he is home from school and working at our local police department, as they requested he come work for them this summer, and he is also cleaning houses to make extra money to pay for his tuition this fall.


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