A Special Moment with Mom While Growing Up
July 20, 2012
A Special Moment with Mom While Growing Up

I grew up on a small family farm. Since we were big enough (by 5 or 6 we had chores around the farm) When we were teenagers my brother and I were hauling the hay from one farm to another to be stacked for winter. We talked our mom into coming and driving the tractor to pull the wagon so we didn't have to keep stopping to load the hay.

After we were loaded my mom headed out to go back to the home farm. My brother and I had climbed up on top of the load of hay and were laying down on top of the bales. Mom got to going at a pretty good clip and went down into a gully and up the other side quite fast and threw about half the load of hay off and us too. It could have been serious but it wasn't and we gave our mom a hard time about dumping us off. Her comeback was, "Behave or I'll dump you off in the hay again!"

I miss you Mom! You did good!


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