I Was Perfect, Until I Realized That I Wasn't
June 25, 2019
I Was Perfect, Until I Realized That I Wasn't

I love when you read letters from people who have realized the error in their thinking, take corrective measures and have a true turnaround that made their lives better.  I used to feel like I was the "perfect" one in our marriage, and he was the one messing everything up.  I even threatened divorce!

Imagine my surprise when it finally dawned on me that I was the one causing the problems.  I wanted to control my smart and strong husband.  He stayed with me, but even though he was physically here, he "stayed away" from me, which I found annoying. I listened to you and started to change myself and that has transformed my marriage and my life.  We've been together 18 years, and last year has been the best year of our entire relationship.  It's like the beginning all over again. 
I want your listeners to realize that you can't have intimacy if you're trying to control your husband.  My three children are now more relaxed and carefree, and I love that they can feel the good vibes in our home.  I feel joy daily and I am a calmer mommy and a fun wife.  Thank you!


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