'Helping' The Addict
April 18, 2017
'Helping' The Addict

Hello Dr. Laura,

I have been a recovered alcoholic since 1989 and you have been one of the architects in helping me to practice the principles laid out in the twelve steps.

Recently, you have had several calls from people trying to "help" the addict. I really enjoyed the ProAm hour with the woman who finally had to let go.

I wanted to pass along to you what an extremely wise woman from AA/Alanon told me: 
  1. The absolutely hardest thing for a loved one to do for their addicted relative is....wait for it.....NOTHING 

  2. When you try to fix someone, you are probably fixing them for their next relationship 

  3. Where there is active addiction, very little love can take place. 

Thank you again for your wisdom and giving spirit. 


Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM