My Moral Compass
June 20, 2013
My Moral Compass


Dear Dr. Laura, 

Thank you for continuously posting letters and emails from listeners, as well as writing in your blogs. 

I have always known that I want to live a more traditional lifestyle, but in my generation it's very difficult. I am in my mid 20's, and have refused to "date-around" just for fun, and have never had a man spend the night with me. My biggest goal in life is to get married, have a few children, and live a modest, happy life. Currently, I am an elementary school teacher and I love my job, but have no misconceptions that it will end the day my first child is born. That's the day my career as a stay-at-home mom will begin, and I am so excited just thinking about that adventure! 

I know what I want, but in my generation, it is so common to sleep around and have no respect for yourself that occasionally I find myself losing sight of why I am holding out for my future husband. My friends are constantly going through guy after guy, and television is even worse. That's why I schedule some "Dr. Laura Website" time each day. It's because of the letters and blog posts that I'm able to remind myself I'm worth the wait. You remind me that I don't want to bring children into this world without both parents. You remind me that women should not be unpaid whores, and choosing to have self respect means I'm in control. 

I'm in the process of choosing wisely, and I will keep your books on my bookshelf to re-read as a reminder to always treat kindly. Thank you for being my compass! 


Posted by Staff at 11:12 AM