Dad Taught Me...
July 27, 2012
Dad Taught Me...

Fathers have taught us numerous life-lessons.  Here are some words of wisdom to take to heart...

The most important thing I learned from my father was "to walk a straight line". My father was very strict growing up (100% Italian, off the boat), which as a kid was hard to accept, but I appreciate it more now than ever. My dad repeated those words to me quite often, "Walk a straight line" which has always stuck with me. Those simple words always made me think twice before I did something I knew may not be right. That phrase alone replaced the birds and bees talk. By that he meant don't get pregnant before you are married and don't get into any kind of trouble you will regret later.

I have him to thank for where I am today. I never did drugs, never smoked, never had a child out of wedlock and still had a great childhood! I chose a wonderful husband and am blessed with two children who I now am teaching this same lesson to. Our marriage has its ups and downs but we work through it, just like my parents did (another lesson I learned). It's so easy going down the wrong path in life, but if you take a few moments to just think twice before you act, the right path is simple to follow and will lead to great rewards.

Thank you Dr. Laura for this opportunity to share this with you!

If you want something, work for it and save until you can pay cash, otherwise, you don't need it. The only exceptions were in purchasing a modest house and car, but  then pay it off as quickly as possible.

My parents raised four kids with Mom staying at home to care for us. Our luxury was a road trip every summer. We always had what we needed, but not necessarily every thing we thought we wanted. Now, I know why. I recently found out I made more money my first year of teaching at the very bottom of the pay scale than my dad was making at the same time in his job of 25 years as a city government employee.

Thank you for teaching us life long lessons, Dad and Mom!

I've been thinking about my dad a lot lately since he died last October. I remember him always telling my sisters and me that "it's not what people say, it's what they do" that shows you their character. I found that to be so true as I grew up. My dad was the BEST example of this his entire life. My mother used to say "your father would give the shirt off his back to help someone if they needed it!" We lived in the country and many times my dad would help someone on the road by our house who had run out of gas, filling their tank with what gas he had in the garage for the lawn mower, and not taking any money from them, just telling them to help someone else out who may be in need. I sure miss my kind-hearted father!

1. Never quit your job until you have another one. (He did this a couple of times leaving us in financial hardship.)
2. If you leave a job and have a retirement, leave the retirement in its account for later when you really retire (He spent two retirements trying to start businesses that failed and left him with only Social Security in his old age.)
3. Keep positive. When my dad quit his job and we lost our house, he did not leave us or my mother. He kept trying and found employment to provide for us. Subsequently he and Mom were able to purchase another home.

The most important thing I learned from my father was how important it is to give your all to everything you do. My father fully focuses on whatever he is doing. Even if all he is doing is relaxing, he gives everything to just being in that moment and taking a real break. But he works with the same determination and he plays with the same determination. What I learned from him is that nothing is worth doing if you are not going to give it everything you have. Give 100%, every second of every day. Otherwise, why bother?

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