My Husband Makes My Life Better
February 13, 2013
My Husband Makes My Life Better

Dear Dr. Laura:

From the moment I met my honey, he started making my life better. From his all-around smiles toward me to his interest in finding out what makes me tick, he has been good to me.

When we were dating, he took time to find out what I liked to do and we did that on our dates. Luckily, we have a lot in common. He helped me with car troubles, friendship squabbles, and even walking my dog. Selfless and always a gentleman, he opens my car door, cooks me meals, brings me flowers to cheer me up or “just because.” What girl could resist all that!

He is now my “forever honey” and we are married with two children. He helps out around home and is an absolute hands-on daddy. I pray I never take what I have for granted. I am the most blessed and happiest woman alive. I could literally go on and on about my honey, but these are just some of ways he makes living good.


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