Good Mommies Raise the Best People
July 2, 2020
Good Mommies Raise the Best People

My 19 year-old-son recently started a job at a major grocery store.  He is one of the youngest employees there and seems by all accounts to be doing well.  

Last week when he came home, he put a huge smile on my face.  With a giggle and some pride, he told me that one of the older women customers was trying to compliment him yet couldn't find the right words.  Finally, she blurted out "You were raised by a mom, weren't you?"  

I left my career when he was born, and later had two other children.  There were days when I wondered if nice clothes and a pair of high heels would be better than bare feet and food-stained shirts.  Even my own mother still thinks I shouldn't have left the working world.  But you, Dr. Laura, were there for me on the tough days, and my heart always knew that I was doing the right thing.  Those 19 years have gone by in a flash of light.  I cherish every memory of him as a baby, toddler, boy and young man.  I love the man I'm sending into the world.  It's also apparent that the world appreciates a child who has had a good mom to raise him.


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