Grandpa, We Want to 'Help'
November 4, 2011
Grandpa, We Want to 'Help'

Dear Dr. Laura

This is not the typical type of letter you normally receive. I would like to share with you a moment I had the other day with my granddaughters (aged 6 & 7.)

I was digging postholes to put a fence around my backyard and they wanted to 'help.' I gave them each a small shovel and they 'helped' by scattering my dirt pile I had from the post hole and digging around in the loose dirt. When I finished the post hole I told them I would be right back and went to get my level so I could plumb the post. When I got back they had the hole almost full of dirt! "Grandpa! We're helping you fill up your hole!" they exclaimed. Now how could I be angry about that? I and my family are still laughing about it!

Just a happy note to (hopefully) brighten you day.

Yes, I am my wife's hubby (37 years), my kids' dad, and my grandkids' grandpa. Now I'm going to go do the right thing!


Posted by Staff at 2:03 PM