I Am Now a Stay-at-Home Dad
October 22, 2013
I Am Now a Stay-at-Home Dad

My wife and I used to commute into work together every day. Our routine was to get up, then get our 6-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter up, dressed, fed and rushed out the door to day care. After work, we'd pick them up, feed, bathe and get them ready for bed. We were always rushing.

My son was kicked out of 3 different day cares in the past 2 years. On a weekly basis we were called during the work day asking us to pick up our kids due to our son's behavior. Recently, my wife went to the east coast for a week of training. While she was gone, I took a week of vacation. I absolutely loved being with my kids all day. My son was well-behaved and I learned he didn't like day care.

When she came home, I told her I wanted to be with the kids full time. She looked for other jobs and found one, so I can stay home with MY kids. I want to be the one who drops my son off and picks him up from kindergarten. I want to hear about his day. I want to play dolls with my daughter when my son is in school. I no longer want to rush. And I am tired of eating frozen food because we are too tired to make a proper meal.

Next week is my last week of working. I am looking up various recipes to have healthy meals for MY family. When my wife gets home, dinner will be ready, clothes washed and put away. No more rushing.

The best part is I will be there to play and interact with my kids. No more stress or worries about having to leave work due to day care problems. My wife is great and I am able to do all this because of her. I can't wait to be with my kids. I love them so much.


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