How Can You Be a Mom When You're Not There?
February 25, 2013
How Can You Be a Mom When You're Not There?
I'm about to lose a long-term friendship over a principle I'm faithful to.  See my letter below to my dear friend:

Dear A____ ,

As we previously discussed, I am a proud believer of what you will read below. If this offends you or your beliefs, and you decide to put an end to our friendship, then...

"Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."

Sincerely yours,


Disclaimer: Inspiration and citation found below are proudly stolen from Dr. Laura Schlessinger.



Where you're the least important, you're the most anxious: your job.

You can be replaced in a blink of an eye in your job, but you can never be replaced in the heart of your kid or your husband. Nobody can replace you. Nobody.

If you were to ask your child, "With whom would you rather be every day to play, cuddle, and laugh....your mom or your nanny?" What answer would you receive? Do you even have the courage to ask?

Raising your child is TEMPORARY and UNIQUE. Why would you give up on that???

Is being able to buy [expensive or not] things more important than taking care of your child who needs you??

Could you not live within your means by creating a budget, so that you can be there for your child and husband?? Do you really need that expensive dress, iPhone, hair salon, etc...?

If you would ask your husband, "In the evening, when you come home from work, would like me to open the door for you in a skimpy lingerie and offer you a warm dinner and a back-rub, or would you rather hear me saying, 'Honey, not tonight, I had a hard day at work, microwave some dinner, will ya'...?"

Is your need of appreciation sought in a wrong place rather than your child's and husband's eyes and heart?

Is your career more fulfilling for you, so much so, that you thrust your child to some strange arms who no matter how much or less they're getting paid, cannot LOVE as you do??

Do you ever STOP to THINK how much your child needs you? And that he/she has NO POWER to convince to stay home and take care of him/her? Do you ever feel the sorrow in his/her eyes when you drop them into a hired help's arms??? Do you bear to LOOK into their eyes every morning??

Why did you want to have children if you cannot bother to be a mother??

How can you do your job at work if you do not show up?? How can you be a mother if you are absent???

WHY do you think you should be called a MOTHER?

(I am a Dr. Laura Schlessinger's Apostle and I am proud to say it. I am also my kid's mom.)

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