Living with Technology
June 25, 2018
Living with Technology

I have never joined the social media sites. I was fortunate to have family who allow me to be a voyeur on occasions where you have to be a FB member to participate - Thank you for not making me "have to" to communicate with you.

As a single mother of a daughter, I've had to educate myself in these areas for obvious reasons.

I really, really dislike the sterile communication. People have too many "faces" as it is. You can say whatever you want about whomever you like, or don't like and whoever the audience is buys it, perpetuates it, exaggerates it etc.

Teenage girls can be ruthless. The popularity contest alone is maddening! It also invites the creeps into their lives. Thank goodness my little girl is 23 now and most of that is behind her however, the gossip remains at issue. I simply reiterate the evil of gossip then move onto another topic. I won't allow her to whine about it, I will not converse or commiserate with her further. I know it's making a difference; all I can do is stand by and wait for the penny drop.

The worst is the death of a friend who had a FB account. My daughter has unfortunately had more experience with friends dying than I have. I mean, I never had "500 friends" so the statistics alone raise the possibilities. The connection continues after death. Some have overdosed on drugs, some have committed suicide. It's led to many serious conversations, all with healthy conclusions but the after death connection where, alerts come to your inbox every time a note is made on the deceased's FB wall brings the sadness back to the surface and her whole being is plunged back into the grief and sadness of the loss. It pains me a great deal and of course I must try to keep myself centered and unaffected. It's not always possible to hide the eye roll of "waaa not this again! " When caught, she has accused me of being cold and heartless. Although that hurts, I simply move on and encourage her to live, do not wither in their demise. Live and be intentionally happy. They threw it away don't let them steal your life; please disconnect from their FB Wall!

So, I'd say from my experience it's harmed my family. Many cannot live without connecting. It drives me nuts!

Professionally I have benefitted a great deal from technology. Family and friend connections, not so much!

Have a great day! Thank you for the positive input you offer to so many of life's moral challenges. I have listened and benefitted for 20 years and am most certainly a better person as a result.

Now I'm ready to go take on the day!

Many thanks,


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