'Is Your Son in Day Care?'
February 19, 2013
'Is Your Son in Day Care?'
Dear Dr Laura,

I am a new mom.  I have a fantastic 7-month-old baby and because my husband is amazing and we live on a strict budget, I get to be a stay at home mom.

Recently, I was out with my son, sisters, and mom celebrating a sister's birthday.  An older couple nearby were making a big deal about how well-behaved, quiet and smiley my baby was. My son was intently playing with a fabric book I made him when the woman remarked how well he kept himself busy and asked, "Is he in day care?"  I was so caught off guard that anyone would ask if a 7 month old was being put in day care that I just replied, "No, I stay at home with him and spend time playing with him all day."  Personally, I was horrified and being a very emotional new mom couldn't get it out of my mind that people actually hand over their infants for others to raise and ignore, like the woman implied in a nice way. I just wanted to hug my baby all the more and left the restaurant early to nurse him.

Dr. Laura, I am so glad that you speak out against this horrifying trend. I guess it's viewed as typical or normal to institutionalize infants now. I can't imagine why people have babies at all if they don't want to be the ones to raise them. My mom was a single mom and had to work, but I am thankful that she worked a job where she could have me with her. I am so happy all my sisters have stayed home with all their children, never going back to a "job" for money. We need to fight for a mother's right to raise her babies.



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