Why Have Women Given Away Their Power?
May 28, 2013
Why Have Women Given Away Their Power?


Hi Dr. Laura,

I believe the current culture of casual sex and meaningless hookups is wrong. Many of today's current problems wouldn't exist if guys kept their pants zipped and women kept their legs closed. I'm no saint, though. If I were in my 20s, I'd probably be after the same thing. Thankfully, I'm in my 50s, a little older and a lot wiser.

I think that even though what these people are seeking is wrong, it is the men who act honestly, and it is the women who are lying to themselves. The men make no secret of the fact they aren't looking for a relationship. They don't want a commitment, and are not looking to provide and protect the women they sleep with. They are, as you put it, just looking for a warm place to put it. They are clear about that and don't try to mislead anyone. It is the women who aren't being honest with themselves. They've been lied to and told they can sleep around and not have it mean anything. However, when the guy sleeps with them and then never calls again, they are hurt. The women call the men immature jerks and worse. The truth is that the men are acting just like they said they would. The women don't want to believe the truth. The women are the ones without integrity.

The real problems appear if the woman gets pregnant. They expect the man to come through and either marry them or pay child support. Maybe it's the right thing to do, but the men were clear that they never wanted that. The women have much more to lose, and it's too bad they don't realize this before they sleep with the guy. Unfortunately, it's the child who has the most to lose. Either the child is sucked into the sink, or destined to a life of being the child of a single mother with all the associated problems.

One of the mantras of feminism is that they act to empower women. The funny thing is, in matters of relationships, family and children, women have ALL the power - they always have and they always will. It's a real shame that they've given it away.

Thank you, Dr Laura for always fighting for children. It's the noblest of causes.

(signed) Dave….Just a Middle-Aged Guy

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