Bad Mom, Good Mom
June 23, 2017
Bad Mom, Good Mom

I love the advice you give women with bad moms.

I had a bad mom, the kind who would scream, call me stupid, hit and grab me by the ear and drag me on the floor. Every time I go back to my home state, I am torn wanting to have that mother/daughter relationship I never had. I just think I must not be a good daughter because I am conflicted between having a relationship with her and staying as far away as I can. Every time I start feeling sad about the relationship and love I never got from her, I start thinking about something you said.

I got a second chance to have that mother/daughter relationship I never had with my mom. Every day I tell my daughter, "I am so happy you are my daughter." She surprises me every time when she says, "I am so glad you are my mom." So, I chose not to be like my mom and I do have a wonderful, self confident, intelligent daughter who makes me laugh and likes to do things with me.

Thank you Dr. Laura for repeating the message that we get a second chance in life with our daughters to have a mother/daughter relationship.


Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM