'My Hero'
March 27, 2018
'My Hero'

Two weeks ago, I got an email from April, who told me her daughter had chosen to write about me for a school essay entitled "My Hero."  Of course, I asked April to send a copy of it, and she did.  Here is 11-year-old Savannah's essay:

What is a hero?  Is it someone who can shoot lasers out of his eyes?  It could be, but MY hero is a 71-year-old woman, and you have to love her taste in music!  Dr. Laura has taken many phone calls throughout her career.  She picks up that phone and honesty flows out in words that help millions of people across America.

In addition to being quick with her answers, she always says to put children's lives before your own desires.  Dr. Laura is a firm believer in making your child's life better than your own.  When a caller wants to do something that affects her child's life, she won't hear anything they have to say.  She will tell them not to involve their children in their own drama.

Her consistency is equally as important as her care.  Dr. Laura will ask you questions  that don't even seem to relate to YOUR question.  While asking these, she will make all of the parts of your problem shortened down, so you can deal with your situation in a simple fashion.  This tactic helps the listeners be in full control of their situations.

What I love most about Dr. Laura is her ability no to "sugar-coat" things.  Our generation has the tendency to say "but" or "I wasn't..." and she will say "ma'am" or "sir" over and over again until they stop rambling about how "innocent" they are!

In conclusion, Dr. Laura is my hero, because she has dedicated her life to others.  Her wisdom has helped me and many others be the best persons we can be.  I am still learning, but her advice is clear and helps Americans find success.  


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