From Working Mom to At-Home Mom Who Works There
February 5, 2013
From Working Mom to At-Home Mom Who Works There
Dr. Laura,

I am very ashamed to say that I was the ultimate feminista. How bad was it? REALLY BAD!! Seventeen years ago my oldest daughter was born on a Thursday. My career was SOOOO important that I was back to work on Monday.

On my way home from work every day, I would listen to your show until I was home. After listening to you for almost 2 years, I went to work one day and quit my job. My poor choice of a husband and I divorced shortly thereafter, and so I started my own business from home. For the last 15 years, I have done the majority of my work during the night (your podcast keeps me company while I work) so I can be my girls' mom.

At one point when they were 7 and 4, I was offered a job out of the blue and told I could name my own salary. When I talked to my daughters about it, explaining to them that it would mean more money, but they would have to go to day care part-time, they looked at me and told me we didn't need any more money because they wanted me home. I credit you for instilling that wisdom in them.

I have tried very hard to follow your guidance. My ex-husband married someone half his age and has no contact with my girls, so I purchased the house next door to my parents, and I don't date in spite of my parents and daughters telling me I need to. Also with your help, I do a fairly decent job of being both mom and dad. Yes, I can and do give the "dad" talk to any boy who wants to take my daughter on a date - most all of them are pretty scared of me!  You have helped me to instill extremely high morals in my daughters that make me very proud.  I can say with confidence that I will not be a grandma before my time!

Thank you Dr. Laura. I have not even begun to express all of the ways that you have made me a better person.

Love and gratitude,


P.S.  You are absolutely right - families can make it on one income. If I can do it, anyone can. We don't have a lot of money, but we get by and my daughters are better people knowing that they may not have everything they want, but they do have everything they need.

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