No Regrets
October 9, 2017
No Regrets

Dr. Laura:

26 years ago, my mom worked as a graphic designer at a large greeting card company, and she was pregnant with her first son - me!  She had studied art in college and loved working at such a fun, creative company.  Even though it was her dream job, she quit after only working there a few years, so she could raise me and the rest of my siblings (who came later).  She never looked back and never doubted her decision to stay at home.  My dad always found a way to provide for the family.  I inherited my mom's artistic talent, and as I was growing up she taught me the tools and principles of design.  I then pursued my own degree in art.  

Then, almost 26 years to the day after my mom quit her job, I was hired at the very same greeting card company as a graphic designer!  When my mom meets me at work for lunch, she runs into old co-workers who remember when she was pregnant just before she left.  Then I introduce myself as the man she went home to raise, and I couldn't feel more honored to carry on my mom's legacy here at the same company.

Many would say that my mom wasted her college degree, but in our case, she invested it over the course of raising me.  I'm married to a real woman who plans to stay home with our future kids because we've both experienced first-hand the joys and blessings of at-home motherhood.  My mom introduced me to your show when I was young, and I still listen today.  Thanks so much for encouraging mothers to actually be mothers!  Mine certainly was, and I'm forever grateful.



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