The Lady On The Radio
April 11, 2018
The Lady On The Radio

My daughter, who is six years old, has had to listen to you her entire life (mostly when she's been in the car and I've had you tuned in while I'm driving).  She has referred to you as "Dr. Laura, the lady on the radio who yells at people!"

While my daughter and I were sitting together before bed, I was looking through Instagram.  She looked over and asked me who the lady was who was doing "that workout."  I told her it was you.  "You mean, Dr Laura from the radio?" she said excitedly, and we went through your pictures, while I explained to her that you work out, you make jewelry, you play tennis and pool, you hike, build Legos, and even drive a sailboat in the ocean.  She was totally amazed.  She especially loved your LEGO Disney castle. 

Posting glimpses of your life and hobbies online humanizes you, and rather than just being "the lady on the radio," you show that you're a real person.  To my daughter, you are no longer that lady who yells on the radio.  You're now the "kick butt lady on the radio!"    Thanks for giving us a peek into your life when you're off the air.



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