Shutting Off the Power
January 10, 2012
Shutting Off the Power

Recently we visited our son in New York and met his fiancée and her 3 children. They have since married. While we were there, an earthquake occurred (the one in Virginia by Wash. DC) and then Hurricane Irene came ashore. Their power was knocked out during the hurricane. With no power, there was no internet, no electronic games and no television. What to do? Well, we spent the whole evening and most of the next day before we left just sitting around and visiting. We truly got to know our new grandkids and daughter in law. We also reconnected with our son who we had not seen for several years. It was fantastic! I told my son he ought to go shut the power off every once in a while just so they could sit around and talk. Hope he does it!

Thank for all the excellent advice and insight Dr. Laura.


Posted by Staff at 1:34 PM