NO Babies Before Marriage
July 23, 2018
NO Babies Before Marriage

Dear Dr. Laura:

I am the proud stay-at-home mom of three children who my husband and I are raising to have strong morals and values.  One thing we stress is no sex before marriage.  It became clear to me recently, that not only is our message getting through to them, but they're not afraid to stand up for what is right either.  

We have a male Bearded Dragon lizard as a pet.  We recently introduced him to a friend's female Bearded Dragon.  They got along, so we decided to breed them.  As we were making arrangements, my ten-year-old daughter informed me that nothing was happening until after the two lizards were married, because "no one should have a baby without being married, right Mom?"  

A few weeks ago, the two lizards were "married" in a small, intimate ceremony attended by my daughter's friends, plus our dogs and pet rabbit.  Afterward, the two were allowed to "live together" in his cage.  Bearded dragons have a very specific mating ritual that requires the female to accept the male's advances.  The female declined the male several times. Each time, he backed off and waited patiently.  At first, the "wedding" was meant as a fun, summer activity, but it actually turned into a strong lesson in morals and values that will be imprinted on all my kids and it required no lectures!  All noticed the male's self-control and respect for his "wife".

In a world that seems devoid of a moral compass, valuable lessons can be taught using our everyday lives and experiences.  I am glad my daughter made me stick to my morals on this one!


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