Clothes Affect Your Attitude
June 6, 2017
Clothes Affect Your Attitude


Hi Dr. Laura,

I would like to thank you for your opening commentary on tips to improve your workday - in particular the tip regarding wearing crappy clothes at work. I work in a medical office and for the past several months we have been made to wear terribly ugly polyester royal blue shirts. My coworker and I have often discussed how being made to wear these ugly shirts was having an effect on our self esteem and how coming to the office each day wearing the same thing was getting depressing.  Mind you, we both like our jobs.

After I heard you mention how wearing crappy clothes can affect your mood, I told my coworker who then mentioned it to our office manager.  The ban was lifted! I am now happily typing this to you in a skirt and heels and feeling fantastic.

Thank you to my coworker for being a great listener and advocate for our team at the office and thank you, Dr. Laura, for the affirmation of how we were feeling. You were so right!



Posted by Staff at 10:56 AM