What Event Should We Attend?
September 11, 2012
What Event Should We Attend?

Hi Dr. Laura,

I phoned you about a month ago as I was having a hard time deciding which wedding to attend. We live in Alberta - Canada and have a cousin's wedding in Ohio and my nephew's wedding in Las Vegas on the same day. You said we should only attend if it means something to us. Well, we decided we don't have strong enough feelings about either (although I still have some guilt about the nephew) and so instead we are going to San Diego to have our first ever (other than a weekend in the mountains) family free vacation. We have been married 23 years and all of our vacations have been to visit family. So, we are going to have some fun without family. We do have family in San Diego also but might meet them for dinner if they are free - will not be spending entire vacation with them.

Thanks for your great advice.

a Dr. Laura Cruiser!!

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