Thankful Beyond Words
June 1, 2020
Thankful Beyond Words

Shakespeare couldn't come up with words to express how grateful I am for you.  Because of you, my three boys have a mom and a dad, still together, working to have a strong bond, and giving them the security and stability we owe them.

Almost three years ago, I reached out to you, desperate for help, because I was caught having an affair.  My wife and I talked to you, and then we found a local counselor and thought it best not to call you again while we were working with him.  You showed me grace when I didn't deserve it.  You were direct and clear when we were in a tailspin and couldn't find a way out.  You said it would be hard for a few years, and you were absolutely right.  But here I sit in our living room as my wife works on a school project with our oldest, and our other two play games, and I am moved to tears.  I am blessed beyond anything I ever deserved. 

Our boys have a home that held together through hell.  It's not over yet, because "it" pops up when we least expect it.  But I know we will make it.  Dr. Laura, I am thankful to you beyond words.


Posted by Staff at 2:01 AM