A Mother-in-Law's Reaction
October 9, 2013
A Mother-in-Law's Reaction

I love hearing about your plans as a future mother-in-law. I am the daughter-in-law to a perfectly delightful mother-in-law, and a mother-in-law to one son-in-law.  (I'll have another son-in-law come February.) I thought I would share with you a story from my own experience of being a mother-in-law. Evidently it is unusual, since when I mentioned it to a friend she said I could teach her mom a thing or two about being a mother-in-law.

First, some background: My daughter and son-in-law have done a marvelous job together as a married couple. Before they had their own home, they saved all her salary and lived on his income. They used her salary for a down payment on a home, and continued to live on his income alone as she prepared to be a stay-at-home mom.

When they were expecting their first child I was a guest in their home while I was in their city on business. Early the first morning, my son-in-law left for work, then came back in to talk to me. He had forgotten I was parked in their driveway, and had hit my car as he pulled out of the garage. Poor guy!

What did I do? I didn't go out and look. I just asked, "Is your car drivable?" He said Yes. "Is my car drivable?" Again he said, "Yes." "Ok then, go on to work. We'll worry about this later." I have never said anything to him about this again.  He did ask the cost and I told him it was no big deal. I just got my car repaired and went on with life. After all, he loves and provides for our daughter, their son and now a soon-to-be second son! A dent in my car? Nothing compared to that.

Thank you for all the sanity you speak to the world. May God bless your growing family with a joy!


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