My Man Is Solid As A Rock
March 22, 2019
My Man Is Solid As A Rock

Many years ago, my husband was getting dressed in the morning.  He pulled out a pair of briefs and noted they were several sizes too big.  He immediately turned to me and said with a mocking tone "What the heck is this?"  He thought it was funny, he knew there had to be a logical explanation, and he brought it up immediately rather than making stories up in his mind or wondering if I had been unfaithful.  I was completely flummoxed and started laughing, because I had no clue how those briefs ended up in his underwear drawer.  I can only imagine how some couples might have reacted - an automatic assumption that the wife had cheated and the "other man" had left his underwear behind, accusations flying back and forth, worry, doubt and all the rest.  For my husband, there was never any question in his mind, and for me, I never worried that he might have doubts.

Two days later, he pulled out another pair of wrong-sized briefs.  That's when I figured out what probably happened.  We had gone on a weekend getaway, and as we were packing to leave, I looked under the bed and found underwear that I assumed was his.  Most likely, the prior occupant of the room had left them.  Yes, it's kind of an "icky" story, but years later, we still laugh about this incident.  My husband is trustworthy, true to his word, amazing in a crisis, and solid as a rock.  I could not be a more fortunate woman!


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