HE Chose Me First
March 21, 2019
HE Chose Me First

I am reminded constantly of how important it is to choose wisely.  I'm so thankful that I did.  My mother passed away unexpectedly a year ago, and I sank into a deep depression.  Although we'd become extremely close her last couple of years, I had a painful childhood.

While trying to be an ear for my dad's grievances about his life, I broke down to my husband.  Growing up, my brother was my mom's favorite and though I was a "Daddy's girl," my sister was rebellious from a young age and required the most discipline and therefore, the most attention.  The story was similar with our large family of aunts, uncles and cousins.  I was picked last for everything.  My childhood best friend could never tell me that I was her best friend.  I could never shake feeling like a "leftover."  I felt like everyone was telling me I was worthless, and I believed it.

My wonderful husband took me in his arms, let me cry, and reminded me that HE chose me first.  He wanted to marry me from the start.  I wasn't a last resort for him.  I wasn't a "leftover," and he said he'd marry me again in a heartbeat.  Because I listened to you, Mother Laura, I waited for the right man, and because he asked me to be his girlfriend, told me he loved me, asked me to marry him, and made vows before God because he wanted to, I know in my heart that I'm no consolation prize!

Much love,


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