Where has Optimism Gone?
January 25, 2018
Where has Optimism Gone?

Optimism is important to have; especially in these days. However, the young teens, and young adults don't seem to have a lot of optimism or good mental health to cheer themselves up or to cheer themselves on. I also find the attitude of many 40-year-old parents to be that of  "blunt" and "dull." These parents of the younger adults, take the same attitude as their young adult children or teens which is to just act "cool" so that it comes down to no interest in raising their children, or they just appear disinterested and don't have good mental health.

The young adults and teenagers of today, like to manipulate their parents, and it seems that many parents are manipulated to the point where they can't even see what is going on. Their children want things run "their way". If more young adults and teenagers were optimistic, maybe we would be kinder to one another.  Sometimes I wonder if the young adults even know how to be sincerely optimistic. It seems like the "bad attitude", "so cool or way too cool" ways are the trends nowadays. Do they know what optimism even is? It comes down to the parent, and the 40-year-old parent, just acts like their "middle-school kid".

Sure it's hard to be optimistic at times, but to me, it is a sign that one is not giving up and has a good mind where he/she isn't so critical of everything (pessimistic). It helps to at least look on the bright side and hope for the best in many situations.

It doesn't hurt to be optimistic, but it can hurt to be pessimistic.


Posted by Staff at 10:57 AM