The Power of 'Paying it Forward'
October 30, 2019
The Power of 'Paying it Forward'

Hi Dr. Laura:

Many of us get the opportunity to "pay it forward" because of you.  After 25 years, I retired from law enforcement.  For several years, I was the desk officer at my precinct.  On Fridays and Saturday nights, many divorced couples would come in and do their "child exchange," because they couldn't do the hand-offs in public without getting into an argument!  Many times, I had to play peacemaker.  I tried to reason with them as much as possible.

My lieutenant, who sat behind me and could overhear all my conversations, said to me one day "Where do you get the knowledge and expertise that you share with all these people?"  I said that part of it was my law enforcement training, part of it is my Christianity, and the third part of it is Dr. Laura!  He said "Oh, okay.... carry on."  

So even if we're not calling with our own problems, we're absorbing what you tell others and passing it on when and where appropriate.  Thank you!


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