Seeing the Good I Have Now
August 28, 2013
Seeing the Good I Have Now


Dr. Laura,

When I was 10, I was forced to listen to you while on long trips in my dad's car. I say forced because he was in charge of the radio.  My parents had just gotten a divorce, and the last thing I wanted to hear was your advice to other callers on marriage while thinking he was a hypocrite after getting remarried very soon after the divorce.

Moving on when I was 16, I chose to listen to you but as a rebellious teenager I was only looking for someone to argue and debate with and you became my outlet. At age 20, newly married, I started listening again but no opinions, no debates just listening. Now I am 33. I still listen to you, but now I love you. I listen to your words, agree with most and have learned to be my husband's girlfriend and always have been my kid's mom.

In 2011, you became my outlet in life. My husband who is Active Duty Air force was suddenly hit with the diagnosis of Leukemia. Our world changed forever. At the time we had been living in Germany for 7 years, my son was 8, and a move was not expected for another 4 months. The day we got the test results we had 2 days to get our affairs in order, pack a 50 lb. suitcase for each person and leave everything behind for a move to San Antonio where my husband started chemo 2 days after we arrived. He was in the hospital for the next 7 months straight, then after nearly loosing his fight, back again for another 2 months. I struggled with how to help my son, what to tell him and how to approach it. I would think about the things my husband would miss if he left us so soon. That's where you came in. Everyday for that next year, I listened to your show and soaked up every word you gave those callers. I started to look at the good and what I had at that time and to worry about the future later. I made my son listen to you as well and it opened so many opportunities for us to talk about life, our values and our family.

My husband and I have not been intimate since his health issues began, but our marriage has never been stronger. We have grown to love each other and hold on to each other for hope and strength. I feel blessed our family had to go through this horrible ordeal only because I know now our bond will never be broken.

I am happy to say my 35-year-old husband, who has terrible neuropathy, orthostatic hypotension, and is facing a hip replacement, has so far won the fight against Leukemia. Against his wishes, he is going through a medical board review right now that will either separate or retire him from active duty.  It scares us a lot on what the future might hold. He loves defending his country and family, but to me he is a warrior, a hero and a soldier in my eyes forever.

Dr Laura, thank you for everything.


Posted by Staff at 12:28 PM