Unusual Kids' Names
October 4, 2011
Unusual Kids' Names

Greetings from South Africa, Dr. Laura:

Like I'm sure you were, I was dying to know the "unusual" name your recent caller  chose for her child that angered the long lost friend she originally heard the name from. Since she refused to let us in on the secret, I thought I'd offer a few "unusual" names I've come upon since moving here. Because my American friends get such a kick, I've started collecting these in the back of a little notebook I keep in my purse and I add to the list when I come upon another good one. These are honest-to-God, I-promise-I'm-not-lying, real names of people here in South Africa:

Remember, Welcome, Difference, Towing, Civilized, Observe, Department, Lettuce, Gift, Smiling, Response, Never Mind, Reply, Not Prepared, Benediction, Lusty, Again, Dolphin, Knowledge, Telephone, Obvious, Laundry, Toyota, Flavor, Donation and....last but not least....Vaseline.

Thought you might get a chuckle!

Warm regards,


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