What is Taking Control Over the Mindsets of Many Women?
June 27, 2016
What is Taking Control Over the Mindsets of Many Women?

Hello Dr. Laura,

In this day and age, the men I associate myself with look for a woman with characteristics and traits that are being lost in today's women. I look for a woman that has strong feminine traits; these can include positive and optimistic attitude, polite, caring, compassionate, and graceful. When I see women today, I see women who lack social skills.

They, along with most of the people in society, are glued to their phones and would rather text you than have a face to face conversation. Along with smartphones, comes social media. Social media is a breeding ground for attention seeking actions and narcissism. A vast majority of women dedicate their lives to taking pictures of themselves in skimpy clothing or bathing suits in an attempt to receive praise and "likes" from men they would typically ignore in a social setting. Social media inflates their egos to the point where they think they are God's gift to mankind.

Unfortunately, most men are enablers and play right into this agenda. The comments of how beautiful they are and begging for dates just further justifies women's actions on social media. A small minority of men think these actions are disgusting and self-aggrandizing. This realization shifts our desire for a grounded woman whose life does not revolve around a computer or phone screen. We want a woman who is not self-obsessed or conceited. 

I am also not saying that all women succumb to the desire for social media attention. Men should want to find a woman that complements him. Find a woman who doesn't rely on social media to make her feel like she has self-worth. A polite woman who will be respectful and recognize our efforts to make her happy. We want a woman who we think would make a great wife, and more importantly, a wonderful mother. In this day and age, it seems like narcissism is what is taking control over the mindsets of many women.

Hopefully I'm wrong, but it looks pretty clear to see where these future generations are heading.


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Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM