5 Tips for Raising Successful Kids
August 24, 2017
5 Tips for Raising Successful Kids

Raising your child to be successful has nothing to do with trying to turn him or her into a little CEO. That’s not how you measure success. Most of the people who I consider successful are humble people happy with doing humble things. That is success. Too many parents push the hell out of their children with music, sports, and other activities to the point where the poor kids’ heads are spinning. There’s no room to breathe.

Here are my tips for raising successful kids:

  1. Give them something to look up to. In order for kids to feel inspired, you need to find ways to inspire them. Bring meaning to the lives of others and serve with joy. If you do that, your kids will mimic it in their own form. There is no greater success than having a sense of purpose.

  2. Let them pursue their passion. Just because something is your dream, doesn’t mean it’s your child’s.

  3. Be satisfied with their best. No one is perfect, including you.

  4. Be supportive. Help your kids feel competent and optimistic about making their own decisions. Be supportive when they fail so they learn that failure is simply a part of success.

  5. Teach them to be happy with small motions. Being happy with small motions means the pleasure of feeling every part of what you’re doing. You could be winning awards and making lots of money, but if you’re not happy with small motions, you’re still failing.

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