September 8, 2011
Girls Accusing Boys of Rape

I really wanted to comment on your FB question: "Do you know of any woman who falsely accused a guy of 'date rape' or some kind of sexual assault? What happened to the guy?" but this is too close to home and I did not want my name used.

My son was accused of rape by a girl when he was in school. She and one of her friends went into a bedroom with him at a party on a Friday night. They both gave him oral sex (that was a pleasant conversation to have with my son in front of a lawyer), they then all left the bedroom. One of the girls walked him to his car with three of his friends and kissed him good night. Over the weekend, he started to receive texts from her and her friends letting him know her brother found out. She "joked" to my son she said she was raped. Well, at school during lunch, the brother attacked my son. My son's friends were there and the fight was stopped at one blind punch from the brother, who was screaming, "He raped my sister."

My son was taken to the office and questioned by the police. The school had to act appropriately once this accusation was made. The girl was taken to the hospital and given a rape test.

Long story short, my son was not arrested. He had saved all the texts from the girl and her friends and showed them to the police. Her rape test did show she had sperm present, however it was not from my son. The lawyer, we were forced to hire, told us from the start he see these types of cases dozens of times each year. Sad.

I think the parents of this girl are scum for the following three reasons:

1) If their daughter was truly raped by my son, they should have hunted my son to the ends of the earth and done everything in their power to prove it. Once it was proven she had had sex with another boy, but had also given oral sex to my son, the legal action was dropped by the police. The parents had no legal case, but they could have pursued other means if they felt their daughter was raped.

2) If their daughter lied, they should have made her apologize in a public fashion equal to the accusation. I hold her brother blameless-he was lied to and loves his sister. The mother continues to claim her daughter was raped. The parents never changed their story, even after being confronted with the evidence.

3) The daughter was given breast augmentation for graduation!!! REALLY!?!? For a "rape" survivor? I guess they did not think she was sexually attractive.

I thank God my son had and still has great friends and they and their families stood up with us during that horrible time. Our family learned so much about the people in our community and who our true friends are. Our son behaved in a noble and honorable manner, never bad mouthing the girl, never calling her a slut, even in his initial interview with the police. To this day, he has had to face down people who still believe her story. Thank God, his actions have spoken more loudly than her words.

Posted by Staff at 12:00 AM