September 9, 2011
Dirtier Dancing

Dear Dr. Laura,

Last week I chaperoned my son's high school dance.

I was told by the vice principal to split up any kids who were getting too close.

Like any good father I went on to the dance floor to survey the activity. I was horrified to find out "dancing" really meant simulated sex for most of the seniors and juniors. The girls were bent over while the boys thrust from behind. They did this for 4 hours despite my every effort to split up couples.

And where were the other chaperones?

They were sitting on the side talking about the PTA and football games.

Dr. Laura, I opted to place my son in this nationally ranked high school because it is in my district. Had I known 6 months ago simulated sex acts were common place and accepted behavior at this high school, I would have sold our home to pay for private school.

My wife didn't believe me so I recorded a few seconds of the "dance" on video. Security and police officers were on me immediately. They ordered me to stop because "the kids were uncomfortable with being recorded". I remember what my parents used to tell me: "If you are doing something you wouldn't want the whole world to see, then you probably shouldn't be doing it."

I hope more of your listeners will step up and do...THE RIGHT THING!

Thanks for all you do.


A. Nervous Father

P.S. My wife saw the short video and was also appalled. I am tempted to put it on You Tube but I don't want the children (yes, 17 year old children) to have these images follow them forever.

Posted by Staff at 12:00 AM