It Can Be Done
September 18, 2018
It Can Be Done

When my husband and I married 45 years ago, we didn't have two nickels to scrape together, but we were debt free.  My parents were missionaries, he was a preacher's kid, and we both had to pay for our own educations.  We had two sons and I worked 2 nights a week from 11PM to 7AM for 14 years.  We vowed we would pay cash for everything, and he saved half of his paycheck (which wasn't very much back then).

We ate a LOT of peanut butter sandwiches our first year of marriage, and I couponed, canned and froze every vegetable and fruit available.  Fortunately, at that time, interest rates were high so the little money we had saved grew quickly.  After those 14 years, we moved, paid cash for a nice four-bedroom home and my husband opened his own shop in our home.  I worked as a nurse at night, so we never had a babysitter for our kids.  We lived on my paycheck and saved all of his.  We paid cash for two brand new cars and never took a loan out for anything.  You CAN accumulate wealth and be debt-free!

Our boys bought into our way of living and paid for their own education with cash and neither has ever had any debt.  Both are successful with amazing wives who agreed to stay out of debt.  Our oldest is now a millionaire and the second one is closing in. Neighbors and relatives thought we were cruel not giving them allowances and make them work and save their money.  Because of our saving ways, my husband and I who are now retired travel the world and have a large financial "cushion." For all your listeners, it truly can be done!  We did it, and now our children are doing it.


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