Balance Is Key
April 22, 2019
Balance Is Key

While I was not successful in my own marriage in avoiding infidelities, I hope to help my sons keep their marriage strong, loving and fun.

I bought 2 copies of each of your books - The Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands and The Proper Care & Feeding of Marriage. Each couple was given their books 3 years ago, for absolutely no reason. I wrapped them in pretty paper, tied ribbons around them, and continued to write cards specifically to each couple. I prayed that they would use them.

Since then, I have heard from each couple independently. Their marriages are stronger, their friendships better and their personal intimate relationships are thriving! They work together to support their families monetarily and spiritually. Their children are home schooled by Mom. They spend time with their families and just have good old fashioned fun. Dad is there by their side, along with Mom. Life isn't always perfect, but they remain balanced. They are full of intent to continue their lives together.

Thanks for all that you do...the encouragement you give..the knock to the head we sometimes need. Keep writing - I'll keep buying !!

Thank you for your support to our Military families.

Kind regards,


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Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM