Baby Shower for 'Shack-Up' Honey
February 14, 2012
Baby Shower for 'Shack-Up' Honey

Hi, I'm Dr. Laura Schlessinger.  Welcome to our YouTube channel.  I am hearing today from Priscilla:

"Recently, my husband's best friend knocked up his 'shack-up honey' after dating her for three months. This is his first child, her third and all her kids have different dads. A few people are throwing a baby shower for the girlfriend. I refuse to go and don't want to even give them a gift since this does not seem like a 'joyous arrival' to be celebrating under these circumstances. I am being criticized for my stance from several others and even from my husband. [Now that's the worrisome part.]  How should I handle their negative remarks? Or am I in the wrong, and I should give a gift at the baby shower?"

1. You shouldn't go.
2. You're exactly right.
3. One of the reasons this bimbo gets away with cranking out babies with different dads is because everybody's going, "Isn't this cute?  We have to support it." 
4. Is this in the best interest of any one of the kids?

I mean, your husband's best friend isn't even marrying here, just knocked her up and now they're having a shower.  Like this is a celebration?  This hurts children!  This destroys children's lives.  So the answer to the question of why you don't want to celebrate: "Because this is the 3rd child with no substantial, committed home around her to embrace her heart." 

And your husband is worrisome.  You have him listen to this; you have him watch this:

Dear husband, is it that important to play golf or go drinking and play poker with your buddy that you would uphold and support this total lack of compassion for the needs of children?  Is it really?  I mean, you're married, you have a covenant, and you are protecting your wife and kids.  If you've got a best friend that's a bum...we are known by our friends.

I'm Dr. Laura Schlessinger, until next time on our YouTube channel [waves at camera], go do the right thing.


Baby Shower for Shack-Up Honey 

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