A New Mental Illness to Consider
May 9, 2012
A New Mental Illness to Consider

Hi Dr. Laura,

Wanted to share this quickie with you.

You won't see this ailment in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5th edition (DSM-5): P.C.T.C.D.

I am a therapist and I had a client bemoaning about his ailments of how hard his life is when in actuality... he's just being lazy. Here's an infomercial I created in my head Billy Crystal style while contemplating my response to him.

Attention Sufferers! Does your 20 to 30 year old refuse to move out of the house? Or do they want to move back in?

They may be suffering from P.C.T.C.D.

Often, P.C.T.C.D. sufferers respond to a clinical trial of long term J.O.B. therapy. J.O.B. therapy has been proven to reduce P.C.T.C.D. symptoms when applied 5 days a week for 6 to 8 hours per day with a maintained use until age 65.

Doubt I'll be able to get PCTCD in the DSM 5.

I love your show.  Thanks for letting me listen!


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